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Nutritional consultant for Progressive Laboratories, Inc., Dr. Ron Boltas is available during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to answer your questions concerning the Progressive Labs line of nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies and assist you in designing protocols for specific patient needs. Dr. Boltas believes clinical science shows that nutrition and lifestyle changes can cause the body to heal itself from both acute and chronic disorders.

"Instruction about nutrition, lifestyle, homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements will aid your patients in achieving optimal health. Being encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and well being, patients become a vital part of their own therapy."

Dr. Boltas will be better able to suggest effective nutritional support to health care professionals when patients monitor their symptoms. Knowledge of the correlation . relation between test results and the patient's medical condition is also important in consultation. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Ron developed an interest in natural foods as a youngster. His grandmother, who lived to be a healthy 92 years old, instilled in him the importance of eating healthy.

Now with five degrees and many years of experience (15 years in private practice), Ron's knowledge and experience are being put to use at Progressive Labs in product development and to assist our health care professional clients. To keep abreast of the latest developments, he continues to attend numerous continuing education seminars concerning all aspects of natural and traditional medical care.
Dr. Boltas is nationally board certified as a traditional Naturopath by the American Naturopathic Certification Board. Ron earned a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology and worked as an engineer at NASA in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on the Skylab project. When the project was complete, he joined Abbott Labs where he worked as a team member to get Abbott Diagnostics' first computerized blood analyzer on the market with FDA approval. In the following years he became a classical and contemporary homeopath, earning Diplomate and Doctorate degrees in Homeopathy from The British Institute of Homeopathy, as well as becoming a Certified Nutritional Consultant. He is one of the founding Board Members of TCAM (Texas Complimentary ALternative Medicine), which advocates health freedom for residents and doctors in Texas. In addition, Ron is a member of the ANCB Advisory Board and helps to promote the certification of naturopaths in the growing field of naturopathy.

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