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Scientific Advisory Team
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Dr. Kyl Smith
Director of Education
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Dr. Mitch Fleisher
Medical Director
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Dr. Ron Boltas
Certified Nutritional Consultant
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Dr. Kyl Smith, D.C.
Director of Education

---or, "Dr. Kyl," as his colleagues call him---is a pioneer in the world of natural medicine. He is a patented inventor, noted researcher, lecturer, scientist, and is known as the inventor of America's #1 Best-selling brain supplement. Dr. Kyl has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs across the country in the last decade - he's the author of the acclaimed Brighter Mind® book series - and is a popular speaker providing Continuing Education programs for doctors. His passion is teaching doctors how to utilize and integrate nutritional therapies to improve cognitive function based on clinical research as published in peer-reviewed literature.

Professionally, Dr. Kyl received his doctorate of Chiropractic in 1993, and has since engaged in ongoing nutrition and natural medicine research. Most notably, ---with the support of some of the top scientists in the world, including a former senior scientist for the American Medical Association---Dr. Kyl filed a "Health Claim Petition" for the brain-nutrient Phosphatidylserine, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This represents the first and only nutrient-based Qualified Health Claim for cognitive function to be approved in the FDA's history. As a result, Dr. Kyl received the James Lind Scientific Achievement Award, which acknowledges the accomplishments of those who have contributed to the scientific advancement of natural medicine and are helping to reshape the structure of American health care.

Dr. Kyl is a member of the American Botanical Council and a recipient of the Dr. James W. Parker Award.

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