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Press Release - June 29, 2018

Progressive Laboratories, Inc. Announces Informed-Choice Manufacturing Site Certification

Irving, Texas - Progressive Labs, Inc., a Texas-based manufacturer of dietary and nutritional supplements, is proud to announce that their facility has been inspected and met the requirements and standards of Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport, and has been listed as an Informed-Choice Certified Manufacturing Site.

About Informed Choice
Informed-Choice site certification is a unique certification that provides in-depth analysis into critical control processes. Through regular on-site inspections and manufacturing facility swabbing, Informed-Choice site registration helps manufacturers identify and resolve areas of risk within the manufacturing process. Reputable manufacturers of sports nutrition products can register their site with Informed-Choice so that their customers - companies in the sports nutrition industry - can easily identify them as having quality systems in place to limit the risk of contamination with banned substances. This ensures the integrity of the manufacturing process specifically for sports nutrition manufacturing practices.

Informed-Choice was established by LGC, a world renowned anti-doping laboratory with over 50 year's experience in doping control and research in sports. With the support of key players in the supplement industry it has since become an international standard in sports nutrition quality assurance. To find out more about the Informed-Choice program and testing process, or to see a complete list of certified products and manufacturing sites visit informed-choice.org.

About Progressive Laboratories
Founded in 1972, Progressive Laboratories is a manufacturer of dietary supplements located in Irving, Texas, a Dallas-area suburb. In addition to manufacturing their own label of supplements for healthcare practitioners, Progressive also provides contract manufacturing and private label services. Products are manufactured in their state-of-the-art, 220,000 square foot manufacturing facility which is FDA-registered and audited and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for cGMP compliance.

To learn more about Progressive Labs, please contact:

Larry Thompson
3131 Story Road West
Irving, Texas 75038
Office: (972) 518-9660
Fax: (972) 518-9665
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