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  D119 #D119
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Toothaches, swollen gums, jaw pain.
Plantago major 6x, 30x, Staphysagria 12x, 30x, Chamomilla vulgaris 30x, 200x, Sepia officinalis 6x, 30x, Arnica montana 6x, 30x, Hypericum perforatum 6x, 30x, Nux vomica 4x, 30x, Spigelia anthelmia 6x, 30x, Ferrum metallicum 8x, 30x, Baryta carbonica 8x, 30x, Veratrum album 6x, 30x, Calcarea fluorica 8x, 30x, Antipyrine 12x, Bismuthum 8x, 30x, 20% alcohol in purified water.
1 fl. oz.

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