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  Garlic Kyolic® – Formula 105 Detox & Anti-Aging #10541
Garlic Kyolic® – Formula 105 Detox & Anti-Aging 
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Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract  – A, C, E & Herbal Antioxidants
Detox & Anti-Aging –  Formula 105
100 Capsules

Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract™ begins with 100% organically* grown garlic bulbs. They are then aged to perfection in a unique extraction process to eliminate odor and create beneficial compounds found only in Kyolic. This synergistic combination has special antioxidant properties that aid in detoxification and anti-aging.‡ Take the best — Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract™, the most scientifically researched, highest quality and best-selling odorless Sociable Garlic®.‡ (*in compliance with the California Certified Organic Farmers.)‡


Amount Per Serving


Aged Garlic Extract™ †† Powder

600 mg


** Daily Value not established

†† Special Garlic Preparation

Other Ingredients

Gelatin, Whey (dairy) and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source). Whey derived from milk.

FREE OF: Sodium, Yeast, Preservatives, Sugar, Gluten, Artificial Colors or Flavors.

Store in a cool, dry place with cap tight. Keep out of reach of children.
(† in compliance with the California Certified Organic Farmers).

Take two capsules with a meal twice daily.
100 Capsules

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