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  BRM4 500mg #BRM4-500
BRM4 500mg 
Price: $115.00

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* BRM4 has been clinically shown to support natural killer (NK) cell activity. * Research indicates that BRM4 supports the body's natural production of cytokynes (interferon and interleukins). * BRM4 also supports the activity of lymphocytes (B cells and T cells as well as NK cells). * In both laboratories tests and clinical trials BRM4 was shown to be safe with no harmful side effects.


Amount Per Serving




  Calories from Fat


Total Fat

0.5 g


Total Carbohydrates

<2 g


  Dietary Fiber

<1 g


Proprietary RBAD‡ Blend

1000 mg

  Rice Bran

  Hyphomycetes Mycelia Extract 
      (from Shiitake Mushroom)

* % Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

† Daily Values not extablished.

‡ Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound

Other Ingredients

Hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules before or after a meal. For best results, the following two-step program is recommended: Step 1: Take 2 capsules 3 times per day for 4 weeks. Step 2: After 4 weeks, reduce dosage to the maintenance level of 2 capsules daily. BRM4 contains Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compounds (RBAC) that is produced by a patented process using rice bran hemicellulose and shiitake mushroom mycelia. U.S. Patent No. 5560914.
60 Vegetable Capsules (500 mg)

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